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Thank you for your interest in our workshops!


We can accommodate a group as small as 5 or as large as 15. If your group is larger, we can always figure out a way!


We have several designs to choose from on our website:


Everyone can choose their own design from our SIGN gallery and we will create a stencil, including any applicable customizations.


We welcome our guests to forward ideas that they find on Pinterest or Etsy* using the corresponding URL. (Screenshots do not provide a good enough resolution.) We can usually create something very close. You may also submit lyrics, poetry, scripture or other original ideas. There is a $25 fee for custom artwork. (This does not include customizing our existing artwork with names, dates, etc.)


The workshop cost includes all materials. We serve beverages (ie. wine or margaritas) and light snacks. You are welcome to bring more drinks/food as you like.  If there is an XL sized sign requested, we will charge accordingly.

*Ideas from Pinterest or Etsy must not have any associated copyrights.

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